natural royal honey : 1) What is natural royal honey ?? Royal honey is honey that has been naturally fermented by being left in the beehives for an extended time period. It looks more like a jelly than a liquid, and it is known to have higher nutritional and medicinal value as compared to ordinary turkish honey for man honey. 2) Where is royal honey found?? Royal honey comes in a few different varieties.

natural royal honey

The most popular is royal jelly, made by the honey bee (Apis mellifera). You can also find royal jelly products created by the Japanese honey bee (Apis cerana japonica). These two varieties come from Asia, while royal jelly from the European honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica) comes mostly from Central and Eastern Europe. 3) When will the honey be royal?? Originally, royal jelly is the phlegm of young bees, which the workers give to the larvae that the queen bee lays in special royal cells. Royal jelly is secreted by young worker bees in the early stages of development. By the time the larvae reach four days of age, they start receiving royal jelly from the worker bees. When the larvae are just about ready to emerge from their cells, the workers stop giving them royal jelly. 4) How is royal jelly produced?? Royal jelly: Royal jelly is a milky liquid, produced by honeybees, that contains proteins, sugars, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Royal jelly is made by worker bees and then fed to the larvae. The queen bees are fed royal jelly exclusively, which helps her develop into a large, fertile queen, while other larvae are fed pollen and honey, which help them grow into sterile worker bees. 5) Benefits of royal honey?? Royal jelly is one of the most popular honey bee products, and it's very impressive in terms of nutritional value. According to one analysis, royal jelly contains 59% water, 12.5% proteins, and 15% simple sugars. It also contains a number of different fats, vitamins, and minerals. The high vitamin content of royal jelly is probably its most famous feature. According to many analyses, it contains large amounts of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B6 (pyrioxine), niacin (vitamin B3), riboflavin, and many others.

royal honey

natural royal honey 1-natural royal honeys are a good source of all types of honey from many types of bees and different types of plants, 2-other honey products such as candied honey, honey seeds and peels, and products that are used for natural honey and for cosmetic purposes are also produced and marketed in the form of a brand. 3-there are many others who buy and sell this type of honey who focus on it 4-This honey has a specific taste and color when it is used, such as medicinal honey, which is more effective than ordinary honey, 5-it is said that it has been used since the time of the Pharaohs, and it is more expensive than ordinary honey, 6-this kind of honey is held in the jars in which it is sold and the seller may add products to it if he believes that it will lengthen the time in which this honey can be used and sold 7-Most people who use these types of honey are elderly, who believe that this natural honey helps them to achieve weight and vitality, and also helps them perform their strenuous tasks.

What is royal honey?

natural royal honey chapter one What is royal honey? Royal honey is the purest honey in the world, that contains royal jelly and royal jelly is what is secreted from the glands of nurse bees in the beehives, this royal jelly is used in the production of royal honey. To produce royal honey, the nurse bees will eat royal jelly for three days and only 7-11 days will be fed for the production of royal jelly and then convert the royal jelly into royal honey and the royal honey is collected through the royal jelly and stored in the royal honey is then collected and stored in the royal honey jars, which is pure with no processing, additives or preservatives. Royal honey is called royal honey because royal honey is very rare, because it is produced and stored in a very special way in the bee family there are many types of honey, but the royal honey is the best and most valuable honey in the world. Royal honey is the food of the kings, sultans and rulers now and in the past, because it has many benefits, whether for health and beauty, the benefits of royal honey for men and women and for health are the same, but for children, there are special things that we will explain in another article and through these articles we will try to explain the methods of benefit from royal honey. Honey was used to treat viral diseases and skin burns, and it is known that man reduced the use of honey, which he took from animals, and became less concerned with honey, but recent studies have proven that honey has many functional characteristics, such as bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, and honey also has many benefits, such as erkexin wonderful honey the treatment of wounds, burns, gastrointestinal ulcers, reducing inflammation and infections And reduce cholesterol, and honey also reduces gastrointestinal diseases and improve the taste of food. The benefits of royal honey for a man This royal honey contains royal jelly, pollen and propolis, which are very important to boost the immune system in the human body and strengthen its resistance against the various diseases that surround us in the world. Royal honey contributes to more energy for the human body, and this energy is provided by royal jelly and pollen that are part of the honey. ROYAL HONEY BENEFITS FOR WOMEN The benefits of royal honey for women Royal honey contains zinc, which raises the levels of estrogen in the female body, which affects fat burning and muscle building in the body of the female body, which is important for women to consume honey regularly, especially those who want to build muscle and reduce their body fat percentage. And it is important to know that royal honey activates the limited hormone in the female body and raises its levels in the bloodstream and this is important because the leaders are responsible for many important functions in the female body, especially speeding up the female metabolism, which leads to Raise the body temperature by half a degree and thus open the body's energy stores and fat burning more efficiently and also decrease appetite in women. This comes because of the leadership of the thyroid gland in the secretion of thyroid hormones that operate the metabolism of energy in the human body. chapter three The dangers of royal honey for human health Royal honey is a kind of honey and you must take into account the precautions of the honey and must adhere to the proportion of honey we mentioned in the previous articles because honey has a high level of sugar, which is dangerous for some people especially those who are allergic to honey. Chapter Four How to store royal honey Royal honey can be stored in the refrigerator or in a cool place away from moisture, sun and heat. Chapter five How to deal with honey in our daily life Royal honey can be eaten with milk, tea and fruit juice. You can also use it on pancakes, candy or fruit. You can also eat a spoonful of honey 30 minutes before bed to improve your sleep, and eating honey before bed reduces night time. You can place a spoonful of honey in a cup of hot water and add a spoonful of lemon juice and drink it every morning, this heat raises blood pressure and improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart muscle and protects it from many diseases, and benefits honey in the treatment of chest burning. For the treatment of obesity, you should take the spoons of honey with a cup of warm water with a spoonful of lemon on the skin, and this will greatly benefit in getting rid of this problem. Honey can be used as a laxative. You should take two or three tablespoons of honey a day. Honey is used in regulating the menstrual cycle and treating menstrual pain, as well as preventing infection of the genital organs. When honey is mixed with propolis and pollen, it is a cure for inflammation of the female genital tract. Honey is used to treat diseases of the digestive system. Honey is used to treat anemia. Honey is used to treat the disease of enlarged spleen, liver and gallbladder. Honey is used to treat fatigue of the body. Honey is used to treat migraine headaches. Honey is used to treat colds and is a good alternative to bactericidal medicines. Honey is used to treat chronic diseases.

Honey is used to prevent disease

. Honey is used to wash and shampoo for the treatment of some bacteria, so you should wash the hair with warm water mixed with honey and wash it until the scalp is covered with honey, then wash the hair after half an hour. The use of royal honey and royal jelly protects the skin from premature aging and royal honey contains amino acids, which protect the body from heart disease and are used as treatment. Honey is a powerful source of antioxidants that protects the body from many diseases, such as diabetes and cancer, and protects the body from viruses and is used as a cure for some diseases. Royal honey contains amino acids that help in the treatment of heart disease, and honey contains tachyons that are abundant in antioxidant properties, because of the abundance of the presence of tachyons in the body, this reduces the presence of diseases and viruses, and is used as a treatment. And it contains some properties of propolis, which are beneficial in combating some bacteria that appear in the body. Honey also contains some properties of pollen, which are beneficial in regenerating the body and strengthening it and maintaining menstrual periods, and are beneficial in the treatment of infertility in women. Royal honey is used to treat burns and other wounds. Royal honey is used to treat and rejuvenate facial skin, as royal honey helps to lighten the face, nourish it, treat wrinkles and increase the luster of the face and is a source of moisture. Royal honey is used to treat the disease of joints and bones, as it helps to strengthen the bones and is used to heal wounds. Royal honey is used to treat the diseases of the kidneys and spleen and also the chest, as it helps to relieve burns and improve circulation. Royal honey is used to protect the human body from diseases by raising immunity and strengthening the immune system, and royal honey is used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, muscle pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

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