The royal Honey 20 g is one of the products of the Malaysian Honey Kingdom. This package contains a distinctive mixture of natural honey with Epimedium, mocha, euroma, ginseng and trustus, which is 12 sachets, each bag contains about 20 grams, This mixture is also characterized by the presence of zalloua and Tribulus root with Epimedium, which increases its effectiveness and strong effect on the sexual desire of both parties without any side effects, in addition to blood flow to all parts of the body, where both parties can use it in general, and in this article, we will explain to you, dear reader, what is Royal honey 20 gm.

 golden royal honey vip
golden royal honey vip

What is royal honey 20 gm?

It is a unique formula represented in a special mixture that gives you clear effectiveness and activity immediately after taking the dose, because it contains Epimedium and mocha Tribulus together.

Therefore, this type of Vip royal honey is distinguished by its remarkable intimate activity and its continuity of effect for up to three consecutive days, based on the experience and experiences of many of its users worldwide.

Description of Royal Honey VIP product

The royal honey VIP reviews is considered a Malaysian product that is well known compared to the rest of the products available in the market because it is a natural and very safe substance for patients with diabetes, pressure and heart disease. It does not contain side effects when used, and is suitable for different ages.

 etumax royal vip honey for him
royal vip honey for him

How to use Royal Honey VIP

Where, dear user, you can eat royal jelly by dissolving a bag of royal honey 20 gm on a quarter cup of water and then waiting a little bit until you feel its effect and then get the best results, this is done after you have eaten dinner for a period of no more than an hour.

The effectiveness of a single dose extends for up to 72 hours, which helps you to strengthen erections, increase desire and sperm strength, as well as delay ejaculation.

The most important warnings about royal honey 20 gm:



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