Special Power Epimedium honey paste maccun for men 240 g


  • non-stiffness treatment
  • Treatment to maintain hardness
  • Leads to stronger stiffness for longer time
  • Sperm weakness treatment
  • It addresses speed for people who are facing the problem of ending a relationship early
  • Increases semen fertility
  • Increases energy and helps get a stronger orgasm
  • Increases the desire for intimacy in women.
  • Helps women relax and feel comfortable during intimate practice.

Special Power Epimedium honey paste maccun for men 240 g


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Energy Honey Paste (Special Strength)

Molasses paste, carob, ginger, grape seed, black cumin, cinnamon, coriander, cocoa, turmeric and henna peel, which is what is known as honey paste for energy, useful and helps to revitalize the body and protect the human from various diseases, as well as works to supply the body with energy and vitality and many other different benefits .

the components

Turkish flower honey – mulberry molasses – carob molasses – galangal – ginseng extract – royal jelly extract – ginkgo biloba extract – cinnamon – harrywood seeds – ginger – pollen – nettle seeds – jackfruit roots – black cumin – goat horn – henna kebab – seeds Flax – turmeric – darfull – fennel – thyme – mint


Benefits of special strength paste

  • Helps treat the problem of lack of intimacy in men.
  • Enhances intimacy in women.
  • Improving the mood in men, as it helps to get rid of negative feelings as a result of life pressures.
  • It addresses many aesthetic problems that threaten the external appearance of the human being.
  • Providing essential nutrients: Natural flower honey contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, such as: phenolic acids and flavonoids that are important for the body.
  • Reducing cold symptoms: Honey can help relieve coughing, especially the nighttime cough that accompanies cold cases.
  • Enhancing body energy: Honey contains a high percentage of carbohydrates that provide energy for the body.
  • Suitable for solving digestive problems, including:
    constipation, as it acts as a laxative for the intestines.
    Indigestion as it improves digestion.
    Feeling bloated as it acts as a gas repellent.
    It helps the body absorb food in the intestines.
  • Good diuretic.
  • It expands the airways in the lungs.
  • Nausea relief: Ginger may help relieve nausea, especially morning sickness in pregnant women, nausea associated with chemotherapy, and nausea after surgery.
  • Weight loss: Ginger can play a role in reducing weight in obese and overweight people.
  • Reducing symptoms associated with arthritis: Ginger can contribute to relieving pain associated with arthritis, and it may also help reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis, especially osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Lowering blood sugar: Ginger might reduce blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.
  • Reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases: Cinnamon contains natural compounds that positively affect the health of the heart and blood vessels, and it is also able to reduce blood pressure that causes these diseases.
  • Preventing Cancer: Cinnamon can have anti-tumor properties, as it may reduce oxidative stress in melanoma cells.
  • Turkish high quality product
  • Authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture

the use

Stir the content well before use and then take one tablespoon once a day before eating.