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  • Treats a decrease in energy and activity
  • Treats decreased intimacy and weak rigidity

Shiffa Home Epimedium 90 capsules Shiffa Home


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A 100% natural product, consisting of Epimedium pills with extract of clump root and Tribulus, not like Viagra drugs that cause stiffness, but it improves the psychological state and mood, increases the strength and activity of the body, fights free radicals, raises the body’s immunity and stimulates blood circulation without causing local discomfort or hardness at an unwanted time with it.

The composition of epimedium pills with extract of kelp root and tribulus includes 7 plant components in addition to zinc and vitamin E, this formula has miraculous effects in increasing blood flow to the intimate organ and increasing desire, the most important of these ingredients:


For obvious reasons, the epimedium plant was called the weed of the raging goat by the British sailors who were visiting China since ancient times, where the sexual activity of this plant was discovered when a change in the reproductive behavior of the goats that were feeding on this wild plant was observed.

Since then, the epimedium plant has been cultivated in different regions of Asia and Europe with the aim of benefiting from its tonic effects, as it is used as a tonic for both men and women, after its effective effect on increasing blood flow to organs in both sexes has been proven.

Recent scientific research has shown that the active substance in Epimedium “Icariin” increases the blood flow to the gonads and strengthens the firmness by binding the enzyme “SHGB”, which proves its strong effect for strengthening the hardness and treating intimate weakness in men.


Of the important amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize, it increases the ability and efficiency of men. Stimulates the process of blood flow that carries oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, and the role of arginine in this process lies in paving the way and expanding the blood vessels in front of the blood, which leads to muscle hypertrophy and gives them energy and strength.


Zinc is one of the most important minerals that the prostate needs, as it maintains and protects it from various diseases, and thus plays an important role in the impairment of fertility caused by prostate problems.

Zinc also has many properties that enhance immunity, rid the body of toxins, and improve the functions of various body systems.


For adults, it is recommended to take two capsules daily before or after meals.