Jaguar Power Honey for men 12 sachets Sexaul Booster


  • Cougar honey paste  removes impotence 
  • Gives strength and hardness
  • Increases semen flow and enhances sperm integrity and density
  • Provides the body with energy, activity, vitality and the desire to enjoy and practice healthy intimacy
  • Promotes nutrient absorption and metabolism
  •   Rich in proteins, amino acids and vitamins

Jaguar Power Honey for men 12 sachets Sexaul Booster


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Daily fatigue and work and life pressures are major factors for disability and poor toughness

And you may suffer with some tonic products from headaches and you may notice the same side effects of stimulant drugs with most products as is the case with the rest of the chemical preparations whose side effects are not hidden and are not considered a safe and permanent treatment or solution to intimate problems, but only temporarily hide those problems

But with jaguar honey, the matter is different, as it is a natural source of energy and vitality of the body and a feeling of activity without the problems that chemical products may cause in the long run or even temporary side effects.

Jaguar toothpaste is characterized by its 100% natural ingredients. Its ingredients help to:

  • Increasing blood circulation to all parts of the body and intimate organs in particular, thanks to its pure and concentrated composition of natural ginseng elements and carob extract to increase the rate of blood flow
  • The extract of the Tribulus plant is responsible for the activity and increase of the male hormone and building muscle
  • Nettle seeds are the most important factor in strengthening the body’s immunity
  • Cinnamon root extract to increase the rate of burning and blood flow at a higher and faster rate
  • A set of natural herbal mixture and nectar flowers honey

It is not only for an intimate exercise with the vitality and activity of a young man in his twenties, but also for more energy for the body and a healthy building free of harmful and temporary chemical products only, so that it suits athletes for more exercises with full vitality.

How to use

It is preferable to eat an entire sachet after food for a period of not less than an hour, and preferably after a light dinner

And for amazing results, it is preferable to take the entire envelope between 20 and 45 minutes before the marital relationship

The effectiveness of a single dose lasts up to 48 hours


It is not recommended for patients with chronic pressure, heart patients, kidney failure patients, or those who are hypersensitive to one of the components of the product

Not for use by persons under 18 years of age

keep away from the reach of the children